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China Hardware Electric Tools Development Situation

China's hardware products marketing all corners of the world, China's electric tools in the setbacks forward. China's three major production bases of electric tools have their own characteristics, in order to their own advantages in the metal industry to seek a place.

Electric tools industry actively improve their own strength of the rapid development of China, the external exchange of the comprehensive, looking forward to the electric tools industry, in recent years, but also in the rapid development of foreign-related enterprises are still lagging behind the level.

Professionals feel that to make the power tools industry rapid development, technology is crucial. Coupled with the special power tools industry, is a high-tech industry, enterprises must actively introduce relevant technology to enhance their strength.

Electric tools industry, belonging to advanced equipment manufacturing, and upgrading services in the advanced manufacturing industry, electric tools are widely used in aerospace, high-speed railway construction, shipbuilding, automotive industry and other advanced equipment manufacturing fields and construction roads, decorative decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production fields.

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