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HOWAYO Team, has more than ten years’ experiences about the power tools, garden tools and small machinery.  We would keep developing from Gold Generation to retirement, then next generation.


Nowadays, World Global economic is downturn, the global economy is pretty bleak at the moment. Official figures show GDP expanding at around 6.9% in the world’s second-largest economy, conveniently in line with the government’s official target of “around 7%”; but outside analysts believe it may be much weaker. “We find these numbers pretty implausible,” says Andrew Brigden of City consultancy Fathom. “China is slowing a lot more markedly than the official figures show.” Fathom’s calculations, based on alternative indicators such as electricity use, suggest GDP growth of 3% or even less.


In this situation, foreign businessman must try to find ways to overcome obstacles. They may reduce the order’s frequency, reduce the ordered quantity, try to search for some replaceable models for their previous choice with cheaper price.

HOWAYO team, could help the importers, hardware shop owner, city local distributors to do the work like above. We supply small quantity order with our model, mixed investment for different cargos, keep all them delivery at the same time.


We are committed to serve for small and medium-sized company importer, Self-employed man and customized-request for special models. Located in Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, HOWAYO Group produces all the models in this seaside city, with good view of many mountains and rivers. We are near by the Ningbo and Shanghai. By train, it takes one hour only to Ningbo while takes about four hours to Shanghai.

Except the location advantage, Taizhou city has more mature parts chain system and also control the better quality and material cost than any others.

Made in Taizhou means that with competitive price and also quite good quality, we win better feedback of after service than other cities.


HOWAYO Team is young, powerful and experienced. Most of us were born after 1980 and before 1990. As Jacky Ma said, he prefer the employee who was born after 1980 and before 1990 most, as this group of people, have suffered bitterly while growing up during that hard period of China, then can work harder and last for longer time when working and while facing difficulties. They would cherish the things which were hard-earned.

We are the people! We served for many big importers; we know some seasonal products in different areas, also we served for many small owners from some island countries, then we could know different request for the products from theirs. We help some USA client to customized the model and package, then make him unique in his market.