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Lithium Electric Power Tool Market Potential? for?

Now a lot of lithium electric tools, such as: lithium drill, lithium electric drill, lithium hammer, lithium electric shovel, lithium radio saw, lithium miter saw, lithium saw blade, lithium chain saw, lithium wire saw, lithium screwdriver, Electric grille, lithium electric baking machine, lithium electric baking machine, lithium electric belt machine, lithium megapixel, lithium small circular saw, lithium nail gun, lithium hot melt glue gun, lithium vacuum cleaner, lithium hair dryer, etc. Hundreds of more than that of it.

Under normal circumstances, the same type of tools, lithium prices and general product prices should be almost, but you want to add lithium batteries and chargers will be more expensive than the AC power tools. 

With the increasing demand for manual hand, lithium market potential is growing, some of the big brands now have the main push of the 20V or so has a lot of products, there are lithium power tools common lithium peripheral products Now there are many, such as lithium electric fans, lithium speakers, lithium LED lights, etc., are and power tools common battery, this is also a lot. As the domestic manufacturers market share is low, the corresponding peripheral products are not many, but the future market can not be underestimated, worth the wait. 

Different brands and the price difference between the charger is not too big, the manufacturers should be aware of is that: lithium products have a lot of profit or rely on batteries and chargers, after all, these things consumables. But for home use these for a few years or no problem, after all, we use the opportunity is not too much.

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