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Name:Portable 110 bar, induction motor, electric high pressure washer
Rated Voltage::220~240V
Rated power::1500W
Working pressure::110 Bar
Flow::390 L/H

Product Description

1. Pure copper induction motor has the characteristics of shutting down the gun, long service life and low noise.

2. The pump head is automatically exhausted.

3. The machine is self-priming.

4. Portabel, light weight, can be used in multiple scenarios.

5. Cleaning bicycle, motor bike, automobile, Outdoor chair, patio, air conditioner.

Electric high pressure washers don’t require special storage for winter, and there’s less maintenance required. 

They’re more compact and quieter than their gas-powered counterparts.

The water pressure is a little lower than that of gasoline-powered models, but it should still be strong enough to tackle most house-hold cleaning tasks.

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