Product Description

1.Single-phase,portable,fan-cooled,thermostatic protection,movable welding cable.

2.With LED dightal display.

3.Adopt with advanced MOS inverter technology lightweight,accord with EMC standard.

4.With complete accessories electrode holder,earth clamp,welding cable,brush/hammer,protective mask,carton box.

5.Compact,portable,highly effective,low consumption,energy saving.

6.With strong compensation capability,resistant to voltage fluctuation,stable welding current.


8.Have special function of thrust compensate,easy to use.

9.It can used for two use for TIG and MMA.

10.TIG function suitable for sheet metal.Applicable for welding of all kinds of ferrous metals such as low carbon steel,medium carbon steel and alloy steel,etc.

11.Applicable for acidity and alkalinity electrode.

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