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Name:100mm Angle grinder
Rated input power::600W
No-load speed::10000rpm
Diameter of grinding disc::100/115mm
Net weight::1.9kg

Product Description

A good angle grinder is an indispensable addition to any home toolbox. They are very affordable, and can tackle a whole host of home, garden, and other DIY tasks.

At first glance they're a fairly uncomplicated tool, so making a choice should be easy. 

It's made all the more difficult when some of the differences seem relatively small. Are they important? Will ignoring a particular detail turn out to be an expensive mistake?

In essence, this is a very simple-basic tool. A power source drives a set of gears, which in turn rotate the head. The head is situated at a 90 degree angle to the motor. A wheel is clamped to this head via a threaded retaining ring. There's a safety guard that usually covers the rear half of the disk. 
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